Within our network we offer a full range of services related to product development and automation.


Produktutvecklarna in Växjö

  • Design in polymeric materials using manufacturing methods such as injection moulding, vacuum forming, and rotational moulding.
  • Produce designs in stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, etc, for manufacturing with machining, bending, die casting, and other processes.
  • Possess a large network of companies for prototyping and potentially mass producing within the above-mentioned methods of manufacture, as well as assembly of electrical and mechanical components.
  • Provide specialists in strength calculation and competence within electricity and electronics.
  • Manage projects both locally and internationally.

Through our network we provide products and services within

  • Automation
  • Electrical design
  • Embedded systems
  • Injection moulding, short-series production
  • Industrial design
  • Production technology
  • PLC programming
  • Prototyping

In total we offer more than 100 product developers from various fields of technology.